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TMJ and Thanksgiving

TMJ and Thanksgiving

TMJ Capitola


There’s a lot of things out there to be thankful for, but your TMJ isn’t one of them! And while the holidays are filled with lots of love and laughter, this season also introduces new foods to your diet could negatively contribute to the symptoms of your TMJ. Think about these few things before you dive into your Thanksgiving celebrations, and both your mouth and your Capitola TMJ dentist Dr. Halbleib and The Seabreeze Dental Group will thank you for it!


Say “No” to Sticky Situations

It’s no secret that the Thanksgiving dinner table is the biggest invitation of the year for all the crunchy, chewy, sticky, salty and sweet treats to come out to play for the rest of the winter months. Before you indulge, remember that extra sticky foods mean extra strain on your jaw, and while you might feel good in the moment, your TMJ symptoms are almost sure to flare-up after an evening of chomping away at the dinner table.


Sometimes Less Really is More!

It’s hard to slow down and really think about bite- sizes when you’re excited to gnaw on a turkey leg or finish an entire pecan pie before your uncle even knows dessert is being served– but taking appropriately-sized bites of Thanksgiving dinner can mean saving yourself an early Friday morning agonizing over painful TMJ symptoms coming back to bite YOU!


Don’t Forget the Veggies!

Remember that vegetables are important not only for your oral health, but also for your overall health and wellness! Stay away from too many raw veggies that could be tough work for your jaw, and opt for some cooked carrots or green bean casserole instead to get your fill.


Have a happy and pain-free Thanksgiving by sticking to these tips for avoiding TMJ pain, and call 831-462-1612 to schedule your next appointment with Capitola TMJ dentist Dr. Halbleib.

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