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Dental Phobias Resolved

Dental Phobias Resolved

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Fear of the dentist is not uncommon, but Capitola Dentist Dr. Jesse Halbleib wants to make sure you’re well prepared and care free coming in to your next appointment. Dental phobia and avoidance of the dentist can lead to serious oral health problems like gum disease, that can ultimately result in tooth loss, or even more seriously, stroke or heart disease. Thankfully, Dr. Halbleib is trained to accommodate fearful patients, and everyone at the Seabreeze Dental Group will work to ensure your anxiety is relieved throughout your appointment. Here are a few tips and tricks you can try to help ease yourself through your trip to the dentist:


For your first appointment, bring along a friend or family member who you trust, and who has no fear of the dentist. Being in the dentist’s chair alongside someone familiar might help to ease your anxiety.


Distract yourself! You can listen to music or podcasts during your appointment, and bring your own reading material for your waiting time. Many people have fears of specific sounds they associate with pain, so if you feel as though you need to drown those sounds out to relax, please do! We encourage you to take whatever means necessary to maximize your comfort during your appointment.


Try some relaxation techniques. Deep breaths and light meditation can be very powerful in calming nerves. If you’re able to slow your heart rate and relax your muscles, you may feel more relaxed overall during your appointment.


Ask Questions! Don’t feel as though you have to go into your procedure in the dark. At Capitola Dentist Dr. Halbleib’s office, we encourage you to share your thoughts and feelings so that you can be well informed while your oral health care is in our hands.


For more questions about relieving dental anxiety, or to schedule your next appointment with Capitola Dentist Dr. Halbleib, call 831-462-1612 today!


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